From the initial briefing meeting with our potential clients we assist them with the basic “bubble layout” planning to the point of offering them a more all-inclusive and detailed final floor plans, wall elevations and 3D renderings for them to fully comprehend the proposed solution to their design challenge


Once the final design concept is approved by our clients & they are satisfied we further assist them with the procurement & sourcing of the various elements such as the furnishes, light fixtures, appliances, textiles, fabrics, furniture & accessories in the form of summarised specification-tables


Finally we assist our clients to materialize the final design concept with a hands-on approach in co-operation of the various appointed sub-contractors, technicians & electricians to ensure the final product is not just as per the design concept but as well as on the highest standard & within their budget

In the same manner as nature requires the perfect pH-balance within a water source to create holistic splendour around us in all outdoor spaces, we at Ph Decor & Design Solutions strive to offer a one-stop design service for any domestic and commercial design projects & challenges. Hence the fact we are offering our clients design solutions which are perfectly balanced between functionality, beauty and practicality.


From the original conception planning, procurement & sub-contractors management to the final handover of the project, we offer a comprehensive selection of services to cover all aspects of the design project.


This includes – but are not limited to: Layout planning, standardized floor plans, 3D renderings, furnishes-, electrical- & furniture-procurement-tables to give both the client and the various sub-contractor teams a full understanding what the design project will look like, require and amounts to within the guidelines of the stipulated budget.


Overall we strive to “Pursue Excellence” with every aspect of any project to ensure our clients are left with living or working spaces which are not just meeting all their expectations but are simultaneously enveloping them in both comfort and splendour.

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