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Ph Décor & Design Solutions (Ph-DDS) has built up quite a vast amount of various digital 3D items & elements stored and archived in our personal electronic library while doing numerous design projects over the last few years.


Hence, we are pleased to welcome you to our 3D Club where we grant access for our subscribed club members to our various Sourced, Standardized & Stored 3D digital items and thus Share these elements for any upcoming, current and future designers in the digital design industry.


Like any professional designer or developer will tell you this whole process is one aspect that can be both expensive and time consuming to source the right items in order to do 3D presentations for potential new clients in a formal, comprehensive manner and as expected on a high-standard to impress their clientele. As well as having these digital items standardized, categorized and safely stored for future use with other projects, can be a daunting task.


These categorized libraries are not just limited to Interior elements like 3D furniture and accessories for interior designers, but are also inclusive of detailed 3D Architectural elements, 3D Exterior elements, 3D Landscaping elements and 3D Mechanical, Electrical & Pluming (M.E.P.) elements.


In order to assist the industry in general we offer club members access to download these 3D items in the 10 most commonly formats used by the digital design industry. Which consist of:

.dae for Collada

.3ds for 3D Studio

.dwg for AutoCAD 2013+

.obj for 3D Objects / Wavefront

.stl for Stereo-Litho  / 3D Printing

.calibz Exclusively for Chief Architect 2017+ ….more


Monthly Club Membership also includes access to our professional Forum and to comment on our weekly Blog posts. Furthermore, it also includes monthly updates to our Archive as we continue to update our digital library during the continuous process of designing other future design projects for our own clientele.

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$7.5 – 30/month

Gain Access To Our (500+) Basic 3D Package

Share It With Other Designers & Developers

Gain Access To Our Members Only Professional Forum

Comment On Our Latest Blog Posts

Gain Access To Our (1,000+) Fundamental 3D Package

Gain Access To Our (5,000+) Main 3D Archive

Receive (300+) Monthly Updates Of Our 3D Archive

Gain Access To Our Previous 3D Updates To Date